Monday, February 20, 2012

Locus of Control

Just read about an interesting psychological concept, the locus of control. Apparently children who suffer from dyspraxia (like my son, and probably myself) tend to have what you call an "external locus of control." They believe that external circumstances are more in control of their lives than they are. People who believe that may be more prone towards underachievement, depression, addiction etc.

So I took a questionaire, just to get a baseline for myself. Apparently I'm 57% leaning towards external.

I wonder how standing might change that. When I'm standing I feel as through there is an outside force controlling me. At the same time I don't connect with that force unless I'm keeping to my regimen (which I confess, I haven't been of late. Stress taking control, or maybe learned helplessness in the face of stress) . So I believe, when I'm standing regularly, that my actions control my external environment. Even if the external environment feels more powerful than I am.

I'm not sure I want to be 8% more internally locus. I like the idea of being a balance between the two.

I'd be curious to take this test again in a month, after really sustained commitment to standing.