Thursday, July 15, 2010


So here I am back after two months.

My mind has been on other things. My book, which drifted off to limbo when the editor quit the major publishing house. I got into hypnosis, which has been an interesting experience and has, if nothing else, helped me to lose that fifteen pounds I've been struggling with. A major online magazine asked to do a recap of a show that I love, but that keeps me up late.

But my body is stiff and I really miss this quiet morning time. And I miss the energy, and I'm sure that if I let the practice go it will affect my writing.

So how to really, really get that commitment to stay solid inside of me?

There are two ways that I know of. Visualize it daily. Visualize the rewards, the energy, the confidence, the power. Feel it. Step into that body that I would be if I made a lifetime commitment to this.

Be aware how much my reality is affected by not practicing. Feel the manic energy and buzzy stress that seems to be taking over again. Feel it and know that I don't want that to be the thing that drives me.

Keep the navigational tools pointed up....