Monday, February 1, 2010

In praise of mild happiness

Just recently discovered the psychologist Robert Boice. He claims that the best state of mind to write in is mild happiness. Write everyday, from a life that encourages this state of mild happiness.

When I think of happiness, whether I mean to or not I usually think of bliss, or achieving transcendence. And I'm not knocking those awesome feelings. But mild happiness as well. This is a state of mind that I've not usually aimed for. I know it's important, but I've never thought of mild happiness as a real goal.

Just did a short stand, 20 minutes. And I feel nice. Not hyperactive, or hyperfocussed. Just good, that I have this energy that I seem to be able to access easily throughout the day, and from this place I make a lot of small decisions to make my life better. To take action to make my life better, instead of choosing compulsive activities, like surfing the internet, or whatever. Small healthy pleasures, like five minute room rescues suddenly have more appeal to me. Rather than this big stimulating pleasures that I've become addicted to.

Looking forward to seeing how this progresses and how it shapes my writing goals.